Monday, 7 February 2011

Lifedeathlife shoot in Wales

I did a commissioned shoot yesterday for dance/visual artist Caroline Sabin. The image is for her new dance theatre work called Lifedeathlife.

The piece sounds very intriguing - see for yourself:

Caroline Sabin



Infinity. Mortality. Jokes about your Mum.

This rich and inspiring show is the culmination of three years of work by dance/visual artist Caroline Sabin. An avid follower of current developments in science, from microbiology to cosmology, she presents work that prompts a return to the wonderment of childhood and picks up the essential questions of how and why. With lyrical, dynamic movement set amidst beautiful visual imagery and studded with truly mind blowing science - from the truth about your cells to the scale of the universe you live in - Lifedeathlife provides a witty and rewarding evening of theatre.

I hope I get a chance to see it when it opens!

The shoot itself was great fun - regardless of the cold wind, sand and drizzle. I had it easy; I only had to try and keep sand and water off my camera equipment as much as I could, but these women were dancing and cartwheeling in skimpy dresses in freezing cold wind and drizzle. Glad I got the shot before they turned blue.

This was actually my first ever exercise in setting and using off-camera flash, and now that I know how much fun it can be, I will start doing it more!

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