Wednesday, 24 November 2010

First boudoir shoot

I had my first boudoir shoot today and I was very excited do start a new project. So excited, in fact, that I forgot to take my strobe trigger with me to the studio! Oh my... really, basically it means that I couldn't use my strobes at all. I didn't even have a flash gun on me to use as a stand-in trigger. All I could do is use the modelling light of my strobes. But hey, not to worry: just make the most of what you have, right? Right. Well, here are a couple of shots I got...

Actually, after I showed Deb a couple of shots in-camera, she kindly said she'd perfectly love to do another shoot with me soon with strobes. :)

So all in all, not all was in vain - I got to do a practice boudoir shoot - and boy, have I learned from the experience - and at least got some half decent shots regardless. I got to know a lovely model who really enjoyed the shoot and all is good. Hopefully, next time, I can come up with a lot more good shots, though!

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