Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dina's portrait shoot

I did a portrait shoot for a beautiful aspiring model today: Dina. We didn't plan anything beforehand so we did a complete "play it by ear" shoot, and worked with whatever Dina had brought along.

Here are some shots...

Dina had this great poncho and came up with various ways to use it, which I thought was brilliant.

I bought some transparent fabrics some time ago and thought I'd see how they look like in portraits.

I wasn't quite sure how to make the most of them...

...and Dina said they weren't that easy to work with. ...hmmm, I think I need to explore the use of these fabrics more before my next shoot.

Sometimes, I find, I might be after lots of vibrant colours, but realise that actually the image looks better in black and white.

Our shoot was good fun and very useful for the both of us. I hadn't taken many portraits for a while (having been travelling for over a month again) and I was a little out of practise, so it was great that Dina came up with many poses and ideas herself. On the other hand I taught her about angles and attitude and other aspects that help make an image - and her in it - look outstanding rather than just good. Can't wait for our next shoot together, as soon as we have found a suitable location for it. Watch this space. ;-)

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Joanne Munro said...

She has an absolutely stunning face; I really like the ones with orange material and the black and white one.