Friday, 8 October 2010

Fiji Day 1

Our arrival in Fiji... after Nadi airport we were taken into the marina area for our boat transfer to our destination island.

One of the islands we saw on the way.

We made about four or five stops along the way and dropped off people at every one of them.

At every stop, they brought their towels/linen from the resorts to be loaded onto the boat before the new guests stepped on-board.

A bird...

...will have to check in my bird book what it is!

Then, finally, we approached our destination island.

The beautiful island of Matamanoa!

The welcoming party was waiting for us on the beach, and sang us a song when we arrived.

Welcome drinks.

Followed by a proper drink!

We were shown into our beach front bure.

And this is what waited us at the end of the bure.

A paradise.

There were hibiscus flower arrangements here are there in the bure.

But mainly, we were overwhelmed with the view from our hammocked patio.

The communal pool area.

What a place. I can see myself relaxing here! :)

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