Monday, 28 June 2010

Strawberry cereal by the seaside?

I moved from Newhaven to Brighton back in December. While Brighton is a lovely town with lots of things happening and plenty of diversity (and Newhaven has none of the above), I do miss the areas near Newhaven every now and then.

Today we decided to go to Tide Mills so that Zebedee can have a swim in the sea and we can enjoy the seaside grasses and other plants near the sea on this hot day. Tide Mills is the main beach area in Newhaven nowadays since West Beach closed to public a couple of years ago.

Zebedee was loving it!

But I noticed that someone was spying on him from a distance.

Well, not really. Just enjoying the beach, too.

Zebedee hadn't swum for weeks... I bet it felt good.

Seaford Head in the distance.

After the swim, Saana and I went to shoot some plants.

These flowers and grasses reminded me of Country Crisp Strawberry Cereal.

Lovely grasses...

Saana with her long lens... inherited from her grandfather, my father.

Then I decided that we should go to Piddinghoe so that Zebedee can wash away the sea water by swimming in a lake. There were more grasses by the lake... looking lovely in the evening light.

...and a very wet, very excited dog!

I love summer!

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