Sunday, 5 July 2009


Friend of mine, the lovely Noriko, came over for a photo shoot today.

Noriko is a composer/musician. Very talented young lady.

Violin is not her main instrument, but it fits in my studio more easily than a piano or an organ.

I think I just realised today that the more pictures I take, the more I'm into unconventional compositions. Like this one:

The above would be perfect for a poster, as Noriko pointed out. Plenty of room to list concert details on the right.

Another thing I've noticed I like are the completely un-posed shots - even in the studio.

But, sometimes you get quite nice posed ones, too.


Wayne said...

None of us thinks we look "all that" in photographs. Your friends, however, should know that your images show your regard for them as not only photogenic faces, but as people with Plenty of Personal Presence.
Of course, I don't publish my mediocre ones, either, but you have posted a fine batch of far from "forgettable" portraits.

You said," the more pictures I take, the more I'm into unconventional compositions. "

I used to find that, when faced with standard subjects (especially cliche ones, like the beach), I would have to shoot the simple images I Could see, to get them out of the way and begin either trying stuff? or looking deeper, or at details, or at intuitions.
Then it gets exciting!
That's both the good news and the bad news; sometimes the excitement runs away with me, and I get crap, but when I can go with the flow while maintaining an artistic detachment, some amazing things can show up.
I just try to remember that such detachment doesn't mean I can't be having fun; I have the clear impression that you know that, well,Katariina.

Katariina Järvinen said...
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