Sunday, 13 April 2008


We were driving around South Downs today and came across this magnificent peacock.

Apart from being very loud, he looked extremely stern and pissed off. And it's not that I was too close to it or anything; I took these shots with my 100-400mm lens.

I guess I would be pissed off if I had to drag a ridiculously long tail behind me all the time.

And turning around, we saw Thomas The Tank Engine! (This photo is especially for my sister's kids ;-) Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

Then drove to Ditchling Beacon to see the sunset.

...but instead of a beautiful sunset, we saw this gorgeous little thing!

Juvenile kestrel, I believe.

The moon looked more impressive than the sun, really, but even though it wasn't a spectacular sunset, it was a lovely one nevertheless.

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