Thursday, 3 April 2008

Egypt, Day 4

Next morning we got on our coach again and headed through the heavy traffic (and a lot more car horn honking) towards the old town. These are pocket camera snaps from inside the coach again.

Would have loved to have some time to wonder around in the old town, but alas, we were on a tight schedule. (The joys of package tour travelling...)

We visited the most famous Coptic church in old Cairo, The Hanging Church (El Muallaqa).

From there we walked to Ben Ezra Synagogue (where photography was not allowed, so this is just a side street I happened to have a glimpse of when following the past-paced guide).

Another candid from the coach.

This photo gave me a chuckle when I had a closer look afterwards and saw that the driver had been playing sudoku; and not on any old ready-made sudoku grid, either, but a hand-written one!

Then we headed back to Taba and the Red Sea. This time I was awake when we went through the tunnel under the Suez Canal!

Coming out of the tunnel. (On the way to Cairo Miles got a great photo of a ship sailing in the canal, looking like it was sailing in the sand in a middle of a desert. But I didn't get as lucky with the timing.)

This is one of the many check points along the journey. I came across these check points first when I was in Egypt about 15 years ago and was travelling between Cairo and Aswan. Well, I guess it's good that they keep an eye on who is travelling on their roads. Not that they have managed to avoid tourist killings that way...

While they were checking whatever they were checking, I noticed that this check point was a lot more interesting than others:

After the huge expand of flat(ish) desert, we drove across the hilly part to get to the coast.

...and enjoyed the evening light show from our balcony.

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