Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dog walk and Brighton

Another beautiful day. We went to Seaford for a walk with the dog. From Seaford Head we started walking along the cliff edge towards Cuckmere Haven.

Saana had her long lense, too...

From the top of Seaford Head you can see Birling Gap and part of the Seven Sisters. See how abruptly the South Downs end in the sea?

Some birdies along the way... this is probably wheatier - will double check.

This one will have to be identified, too...

Walk a little further, and you get a view of most of the Seven Sisters.

From close up you can feel how majestic the cliffs are. See the tiny people on the beach?

After a late lunch/early dinner we headed for Brighton. Just before entering the centre of town, we stopped to take photos of the sunset over Brighton Pier.

While Saana went to shop for presents for her little brothers I went back on the beach to take a few more shots.

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