Monday, 28 September 2009


We left this morning for a overnight trip to Stonehenge, Bradford-on-Avon and Longleat. First, Stonehenge.

Saana taking pictures of...

The subway to and from Stonehenge. Not the kind of subway you get in the States, though.


Detail from above.

Our B&B, The Old Mill House.

Our room.

After settling our stuff in our room, we decided to drive back to Stonehenge for the sunset!

Only had to scale a barbed wire fence and run half a mile into the field to get the sunset behind the henge.

Then back to Bradford-on-Avon for dinner.


Geminai said...

Just breathtaking! I love your little delinquency moment of jumping the fence! Seems the way to get the best shots, doesn't it? Puppy parking?! Wow!! Ours would be heartbroken if we left them tied up somewhere. We'd pay for it later, I'm quite sure. :)

Katariina Järvinen said...

The "puppy parking" was outside a pet shop. Urban dogs are quite used to being tied while their people go to a shop. I can understand this is not a custom in the USA where everyone DRIVES everywhere, even the "local shop". People walk here in Europe, you know? ;D And sometimes they walk with their dogs and pop into a shop on the way home.